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LOL, so it's been a year since I posted, but I needed to put this somewhere.

I had a dream this morning which somehow involved giant bricks of taffy as currency for movie theaters, and I was like, yo mom and dad since I’m in town, let’s go see the Avengers, and it was like, 4 bricks a ticket, but the taffy came in packages 8 or so, and there where different kinds, and one of them was the sort of “mystery” flavor that was part of some contest randomly having to do with Johnny’s Entertainment, as a promotion for this specific theater chain, which in dreamland was the old Mann Theater across from the JoAnn and Taget which hasn’t been a theater since I was a kid, and which I’d never even been inside but have always imagined as run-down and dark and dusty, and sure enough, I get us to go there, because what is this package even saying, something about a NEWS concert and the chance to win a TON of taffy. These bricks were already huge, so I was like, Mooooom, let’s just go see Avengers there, because that could be like, a life-time supply of taffy, I will never have to want for anything ever again, so we go, and sit down in the dark dusty run-down theater, but instead of them showing Avengers, this really dinky-looking, middle-school-cafeteria-dance-esque stage production starts up and is all like, “Just what you’ve all been waiting for!~” (all like, 10 people in the theater) “Presenting: TEGOSHI YUYA~!!!” Um, wut?

My mom is like, hmmm, this isn’t what the commercials made me think the Avengers was like (but I’m totally trying to be supportive and not judge your hobbies sweetie, but really, you do know you’re a 25 year old grown-ass woman, don’t you? I worry about you.. <--this was all communicated by eyebrow, not words, my mom’s really nice) And I’m like, whut is this even, why is there random single NEWS in my old, hometown MOVIE theater, WTF JE, oh well maybe I should have known considering the other people in the audience are all slightly awkward looking teenage girls, but that theoretically could have happened at Avengers too, and goddamn it all, why couldn’t it at least have been Shige or Koyama, or even Massu that they sent out here to butt-fuck nowhere America to dance really really awkwardly on a rickety, poorly-lit stage.

So then I had some thought about how incredibly lame all the JE and NEWS choreography looks when you’re doing it all by yourself, so I felt bad for Tegoshi, even though he undoubtedly wasn’t feeling the least bit of shame like a normal person, so I was like, yeah, come on Mom, I don’t know any of these moves either, but we should probably at least try to fake some enthusiasm, so we started clapping and arm waving along and fake-smiling (or not fake in my Mom’s case, because she’s just that nice) and then there was something about seeing Shige pop his head over the back of the set to see if things were going as terribly as he expected, and then I had some thought about well, hope this helps them not feel TOO intimidated starting up really sadly-budgeted  shows over here, but damnit I really wanted that taffy!

And then of course I woke up. W.T. actual-F., brain? Why NEWS? Why Tegoshi?! Why…ok, lol, no, I don’t need to question why taffy because taffy is freakin’ awesome and I haven’t had any in probably a couple years. Think I’m going to go hit up Target and buy me some Wonka, wish it came in brick-size.

Mad season, then, now, (always)
Would the tolling of bells
dawning somber and steady
shake through these slow bones
and make them more ready?

Shake though these slow bones
down dull finger-tips
to scribble out words
as they vanish off lips

Would the tolling of bells
call "It's 5'o'clock, Fool!
Mary's lamb ate her words
'fore she e'er got to school!"

Mary's lambs ate her words
when she left them uncount'
Now she's three lines from dead
with the blanks insurmount'.


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&quot;I wish&quot; Hodges
Every now and then in Linguistics, we talk about how people tend to feel safer with written communication, because there's the aspect of editing and organizing one's thoughts unavailable in face-to-face verbal communication.
You know what sucks worse than talking to people? Leaving voice-mail. Because then your awkward is preserved on analogue tape, to be replayed and judged at the other person's leisure.
Why won't this damn apartment manager call me back?! I'm sick of leaving progressively more desperate and flustered sounding messages on his machine, trying to find out if I have a place to MOVE INTO in the next few days.

When checking my school email, this turned up:

I actually lol'd.

Countdown to commence Post-Finals Coma in 3,... 2, ...1--...

People are cute sometimes.
So I'm camping down for the last leg of HELLfinals, all set up for some all-night paper writing, here at the school's 24-hour resource center...

...And somewhere down the hallway, tucked out of sight, is somebody snoring and hiccuping at the same time.

I kind of wish I was into photography, I'd love to do a collection of students sleeping in public spaces. There's something kind of adorable about the whole  "At least I even came!" that all the little curled-up human sweatshirt wads, crammed onto too-short lounge chairs, seem to be shouting at the rest of the world. Reminds me of cats or something, that attitude of "I'm tired! I don't even care! I'll do what I want!"

D'awww :3  ... -.- zzz*HIC!*zzz

My shirt today says "I'd Rather Be GIVING BLOOD." And I wore it because it was the TRUTH.
One famous take on a bit of wisdom from Solomon goes "'Tis better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt."

Yeah, the presentation today didn't go so hot.

Twenty percent of the grade. For the course taught by the chair of my major department.

<positivity delusions> 

Um, maybe he'll just think I have room to grow?  :D 

</positivity delusions>

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CRAP! -An unforeseen hindrance to my slackerism arises!
The book I was planning to very briefly skim before writing a fluffy, vacuous essay on it, due tomorrow,...is actually engagingly well-written and interesting!!


Damnit, I was really hoping for some sleep tonight. But no, once I actually read the cursed thing I'm going to be forced to write a reasoned essay. That I've thought about. Poo.


Also, my spring course registration window opens tomorrow at 7AM. Who wants to place bets as to when the system will crash and/or the network connection overloads? My bet's on about 6:55AM.
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"Gosh that Mozart guy sure wrote a loooong song!"
I have officially survived the Requiem! And so did the rest of the "Masterworks Choral" I'm in this semester, which is really saying something considering that some of the folks in there probably don't remember their grandkids' names much less 70-something pages of Latin.
But we made it! And we even got a standing ovation on the opening ceremony night.

On the down-side, I almost broke my throat, because there is like, the Queen-B Alto, plus me and maybe two others, trying to make up for the 20 other altos who sort of hum along, along with covering whatever snippets of the tenor line we can manage to double-duty for.
Oh, and of course there is a sour old woman named Betty (doesn't that name just tell you so much?) who likes to terrorize all us younger girls, who just had to get on my case about my lack of stockings, even though it's a floor-length dress, I'm front row not up on the risers, and the recital hall is sweltering. And then later about not wearing pearls (so that she could get me about the length), because sorry, I don't own any. I live off Top-Ramen and Kraft mac & cheese, lady! What do you want from me?!

But whatever. Singing is fun, even if Lucifer really did fall from Heaven and land in the choir loft.

Is it possibly only RELATIVELY wrong to choke a bitch?
Philosophy of Religion class was today (still more like Religion of Philosophy).
We were attempting to start into arguments from morality, when this happened:

PowerPoint: "OBJECTIVE Morality vs. RELATIVE Morality:"

Obnoxious Pointlessly-Contrarian Twit: "Well it's not very objective to object to other people's culture, now it is?" <-Smirking as if this is somehow clever.

Ryan Gosling Prof', trying oh-so-hard not to bash his head against the chalkboard: "That's...not really how we're using the word 'objective' here."

And then there was yet more nattering about cultural bias and objectivity and how this guy was so much more enlightened than everyone who thinks cannibalism is wrong out of hand (kindly keep your grubby hands off anthropology, plkthx, I can barely stand your butchery of philosophy and argumentation), and I just wanted to scream across the classroom that it DOESN'T MATTER HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT IT KID, 1+1 IS STILL 2. Now shut up and stop being so RELATIVELY AGGRAVATING!

Dear God, punks like this are the reason people don't believe in you.

Starbucks Blond Girl is becoming more and more likable by comparison.

SBG: "I didn't hear anything you just said, I was staring at the PowerPoint. What do you mean is 'torturing babies for fun' objectively or relatively wrong? It's WRONG wrong! This is like The Hangover!"
Everybody: "...o_0." Wut?
SBG: "I mean, I couldn't even enjoy that movie, I was too busy worrying about the baby! I can't move on in class, I'm too worried about the freakin' baby!"
R.G. Prof': "Um. It's not a real baby. But that's...a good instinct to have, I think? Um. Back to the Moral Argument for God's Existence?"

Poor guy, he tries so hard.

The one good thing to come from going to class today? I got my essay back. The one I turned in a full 2 weeks late. 93%. Seems he really liked my fuzzy maths.

Bummm bumbum bum BUMMMMMMM~
      So I just realized that I did absolutely nothing productive today after I got out of class.
      I have a combined total probably around a thousand pages of texts to read, and assignments due Wednesday that I haven't even started, not to mention the mountain of studying it's going to take for me to catch back up and actually understand what's going on in Japanese.
       Also, just for fun, the can of paint for my room has been sitting with my alarm clock on top of it for about a month now (an improvement, it spent probably 5 months in the garage), the half-finished bookshelf I'm making is still sitting in my parents garage, half-finished.
       And I just know there's something else huge that I'm forgetting to do.

       What I did do today was play "Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars" on my Super Nintendo for 6 hours until I beat it.
      Then I got online and started reading Recomen.

      Yeah, it's almost 3am.

      I could have at least been sleeping. Sleep is productive. For me.

     How am I such a bum?
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